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  1. Is It in You?

From the album The Holding Pattern

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Am I telling you something you already know?

Salt is to season as light is to glow

But salt can lose flavor and light can grow dim

With all the distractions that keep us from Him

So I sit on my couch and I’m wondering why

Why I’m so empty and feeling so dry

The sun is hot and the days are long

I need living water. I need a new song.


Is it in you? Are you quenched?

Is it in you? Are you drenched with it now?

Is it in you? Can they see?

Is it in you? Is it in me?

Tossed like a ship on the ocean waves

He is unstable in all of his ways

Double minded. Heart divided.

Blindsided when his house came tumbling down

Better get yourself ready, rain’s gonna come

Pour it out on me